Saturday, February 21, 2009

Last Free Weekly Horoscopes for February 2009

Can you believe February 2009 is over already?? Time flies when you're having fun but sort of comes to a crawl or standstill when you're not. Why is that? Well, the answer comes in through where you're focus lies. If you're in a situation that's horrible, it's likely you're looking to a brighter day in the future to keep you from going crazy! Well, we ALL know that the future day is never going to come. Why? Because today is all we have. No matter what kind of hell you're living through, even if, by comparison, it may not be accurately described as a hell, it's still you're life and if it's uncomfortable it sucks! (Believe me, I know.) Unfortunately, dreaming of better days under the bright sun in the Bahamas isn't going to cut it. You MUST live in the present, right now, enjoy each sliver of a moment that you can find to pick out of the mess. This behavior is the only thing that will get you through effectively. Focusing on the NOW will help you stay focused and bring you clarity to trudge forward with complete awareness and then the universe will be equipped to help you move in a better direction. How great is it to have the entire universe on your side???

This week's Zany Zodiacs horoscopes seem to have a common thread. Most of the energy for next week is about your beliefs. One horoscope in particular reminds us that just because you believe it does not make it a fact! Do you think you're fat? Well, how do you measure fat? Who decided you're fat? And even if we all agreed that you're fat, who said that's a bad thing?! The term 'fat' is a relative one and is NOT a fact. Some people LOVE fat! 'The sun is shining through the clouds today' is a fact. (Well, that's not even true because here's it's dreary and overcast!) But you get my drift?! Read your horoscopes and if you think you're off the hook on putting an eye toward your beliefs, read someone else's scope. There's a lot of good information here this week! Enjoy your Zany Zodiacs free weekly horoscopes!'

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day from Zany Zodiacs!

Just wishing you all a fantastic day today. No matter whether you're single, married, a teenager, or a polished lady or gent who has weathered many a storm...this note is to let you know that you are loved on this Valentine's Day!

We, at Zany Zodiacs, love each and every one of you and try to provide uplifting and inspirational zodiac horoscopes every week. We appreciate your support in reading and sharing Zany Zodiacs horoscopes with everyone you know. Feel free to 'tweet' our weekly updates at Twitter. We hope to reach the world with our inspiring weekly messages.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Children Can Sometimes Teach Us

If you haven't checked out Zany Zodiacs horoscopes for this week, you won't want to miss it. Much of the energy this week is coming from children. Children are aware of more than we think. Have you noticed how most children are filled with peace and joy most of the time? Even when they have little tantrums, they usually recover quite quickly. We could learn a little something from that behavior.

Additionally, children have other messages for us. Since kids normally haven't yet been exposed to much of the hustle and bustle of grown-up lives, they are still in touch with their spiritual gifts...the ones that we still have as well, but have possibly lost sight of.

This is just a reminder to check out your Zany Zodiacs, as well as all others, as the messages tend to apply to everyone, just more so to each individual zodiacs sign. Keep an eye on the children around you and see what you can learn. If they have any special messages or revelations for you, they will come this week!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Zany Zodiacs Free Weekly Horoscopes 2/8/09 - 2/14/09

Zany Zodiacs Free Weekly Horoscopes have been updated for the upcoming week.

What's Ur Zign? Find out now...

Aries focus on quiet
Taurus focus on meeting new people
Gemini focus on possibilities
Cancer focus on childhood wishes
Leo focus on chi
Virgo focus on childlike happiness
Libra focus on being assertive
Scorpio focus on the energy of children
Sagittarius focus on simplicity
Capricorn focus on erasing struggle and strife
Aquarius focus on ask for help
Pisces focus on having faith