Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Children Can Sometimes Teach Us

If you haven't checked out Zany Zodiacs horoscopes for this week, you won't want to miss it. Much of the energy this week is coming from children. Children are aware of more than we think. Have you noticed how most children are filled with peace and joy most of the time? Even when they have little tantrums, they usually recover quite quickly. We could learn a little something from that behavior.

Additionally, children have other messages for us. Since kids normally haven't yet been exposed to much of the hustle and bustle of grown-up lives, they are still in touch with their spiritual gifts...the ones that we still have as well, but have possibly lost sight of.

This is just a reminder to check out your Zany Zodiacs, as well as all others, as the messages tend to apply to everyone, just more so to each individual zodiacs sign. Keep an eye on the children around you and see what you can learn. If they have any special messages or revelations for you, they will come this week!

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