Saturday, March 28, 2009


You know, everywhere I go I hear people making things complicated. I, too, have a tendency to make things seem more complicated than they have to be. It's really time we begin to simplify our lives. Random situations still come out of the blue and catch us off-guard, but our daily lives do not need to be so stressful.

I have just left an emotionally abusive husband and moved to another part of the country. I lived here for more than a decade and left when I hit a financial bind. Now that I'm back, I wonder why I ever left. I have friends, right now, who are suddenly finding themselves homeless, or also in abusive relationships, or who make excuses for not finding time for themselves. People say to me, 'How do you just pick up and move like that?' I even have a two-year old at this point. I tell everyone, and have always told people, it's really as easy as getting in the car and driving. You pack your stuff, get in the car with a map, and drive. It does NOT need to be more complicated than that. So many people are caught up in the what-ifs and the how-tos that they are afraid to ever make a move.

The same goes for making time for yourself. People have all these excuses. Kids. Money. Work. That's a bunch of BS. Your kids nap, right? You have a free park or a backyard, right? You have a lunch break, right? What is it that we are really afraid of? Are we afraid of what others might think if we took 5 minutes to hang upside down from the branch of a tree? Are we afraid if we disappear down the trail behind our house for 5 minutes that our worlds might crumble around us and become so broken we would never be able to repair all the damage? What is it? Why can't you take a break from the world and refresh? Why can't you get in the car and move to a neighborhood or a state or a country where you've always wanted to live? Why can't you get a different job? Why can't you call and disconnect your cable and use that $80 a month for something more meaningful?

Be honest. Get out some paper and write down reasons until you get to the meat of what's holding you back. The beginning of your list will be all the fluff responses that you give yourself and your friends for not doing what it is that really flips up your skirt. Once you run out of those, you'll get to reasons that might be a little more painful or seem 'stupid' to you. Write them anyway. The more you write, the closer you'll get to the REAL reason why you're not making plans right now for a 1 hour break from your family, or a 3000 mile trip to the other side of the country, or to setup the art studio in the attic where you've always wanted to paint a picture or write a best selling novel. What the HELL is holding you back?

Figure it out and then post me a comment. I'd love to know that my rants are actually helping someone out there.

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