Sunday, March 1, 2009

Free Weekly Horoscopes for March 1st to 7th, 2009

Zany Zodiacs Free Weekly horoscopes have been updated. This week is interesting. A lot of energy surrounds success and opportunity. If you're in the middle of it right now, good for you! So many people are having financial and relationship struggles right now and if you can see past that stuff and spot a good opportunity when you see one, more power to you.

On the other side of that coin, if you're so caught up in your own struggle and feeling depressed, guilty, resentful or you've absolutely lost hope, now is the best time to find clarity and redirect your focus. Be honest with yourself and decide that feeling depressed and caught up is certainly not changing any of your circumstances so what have you got to lose? Begin to change your outlook and slowly find small positive points to whatever is happening in your life. If you really give this some effort, you will begin to see immediate results in the way you feel, therefore bringing more good, positive energy to your life. This really does work. It may be over-commercialized right now, but the concept is most definitely real.

Please take a look at your horoscopes and do tell all your friends through Twitter, Facebook, Digg, etc. (There's a button there to quickly bookmark to just about anywhere) I wouldn't mind at all if Oprah found out about Zany Zodiacs and decided that I need some assistance with branding!

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