Saturday, May 9, 2009

Light Workers Facing Challenges Right Now

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I've heard, from many different sources, that people considered to be 'light workers' are experiencing some really heavy challenges right now. Fortunately, I've been making more healthy connections, as far as friends go, and many of these wonderful people I've recently met are somehow psychically inclined, or spiritually wired, as I've recently been dubbed.

If you have been working on your psychic growth, spiritual enlightenment, and path to awakening by watching The Secret, practicing the Law of Attraction, meditating, or any other activities that you deem to be 'spiritual' you may be facing hard times as well. If you are, please read on and I'll share some advice.

Of my many friends who are also light workers, everyone is facing hard times right now. Whether it's financial, emotional, spiritual or otherwise, we are all being put to some pretty heavy tests. Do you know why? Don't forget, we are on the cutting edge of something huge. We have either been chosen, or have opted to be on the forefront of the massive shift in consciousness that will take place very soon on this planet. In fact, it's already shifting and our huge tests and life problems are so large right now because we are paving new roads and spreading the joy of independent thought. We are the leaders, my friends. We are lighting the way for the rest of the world.

It's not easy being a leader. Ask anyone in a leadership position. Being a leader means having lots of experience, gaining much insight, and solving huge problems. How would we ever be able to lead without first truly understanding how to guide others through tough times?

So, let down your guard a bit. Light Workers, our time is now. We will prevail and we will succeed. Once our trials are lifted, we will see everything through new eyes. Expect your greatest desires to be manifested while you assist others along the path that YOU have paved to abundance.

I love you all!

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