Monday, June 8, 2009

Real Life Statistic on How People Are

I saw something interesting yesterday. I was engaged in a 'you buy, I'll fly' scenario that sent me to the local McDonald's. Apparently McDonald's didn't know it was breakfast time so my drive-thru order was delayed. I was sent to park in the 'we didn't know you'd come and order from us, so we had to go and raid the chicken coop for some eggs (are they even real eggs?), so you'll have to wait a while for us to take care of it' assigned parking spot. While I sat there, for nearly 15 minutes, I was blessed with an interesting observation.

Some Canadian Geese were trying to cross a busy 4 lane highway. There is a median between each of the double lanes, so at least they had only to pass two lanes and then they were safe for a moment. There were about 30 Canadian Geese trying to get across this road. As they kept starting across and then being forced to retreat, I saw approximately 20 cars pass. Of these 20 cars, only one was a complete jackass, driving quickly and as closely as possible, honking his horn radically, with absolutely no interest in whether or not he hit a goose. Thankfully he did not, and he at least slowed down some, probably so he wouldn't dent his car.

Interestingly, of these 20 cars, there was also only the last one that stopped several yards back, and waited patiently for all the geese to walk across the entire highway to safety.

The remaining 18 cars drove, while slowing down or stopping, as close to the geese as possible, no matter which direction the geese decided to run, and made a way with their cars to 'get through' and go on their merry ways.

What does this mean? I'd say, based on my observation, that only about 5% of the people in the world are complete jackasses. People who don't care one way or the other whether they run you down with their vehicles, as long as they get where they are going. Let's face it, if you can harm an animal, or come close to it without a second thought, you certainly don't care for your brothers and sisters on this planet either.

Only another 5% are really concerned with humanity and other sorts of life enough to take moments out of their hectic lives to really stop and pay attention. These are likely the peace bringers and volunteers of services and shelter to people and animals in need.

That leaves 90% of the population completely clueless. At least the jackasses know that they don't care. Surely if you asked one he'd be completely up front with you. Now don't get me wrong, 95% of the people in the cars didn't want to harm anything or anyone. They were being peaceful in their own ways, but those 18 people couldn't just stop their cars for 15 seconds while the beautiful geese waddled their ways across the road. They either had no time, or so they thought, no interest in how cool these geese were, or no interest in helping our fellow life on this planet to 'git er done.'

So, this is to you 90 percenters. WAKE UP! 15 seconds of your time to help 30 geese get safely across a road is not going to kill you, nor is it going to waste any of your precious day. You are likely racing off to a job you hate anyway, so stopping for 15 seconds to watch some birds might have given you a moment to regroup and notice something out of the ordinary from your mundane life.

Ok, this is quickly getting ugly and that wasn't my intention. I just found those self-observed statistics to be worth mentioning. The 5 percenters on the bright side, keep it up. Your efforts ARE contagious and will be observed and repeated. Don't give up and don't stop being peace and joy and love.

The jackasses of the world won't even bother reading this, use to make a comment there.

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