Saturday, June 6, 2009

This Week's Energy for Zany Zodiacs

Sometimes, Zany Zodiacs weekly horoscopes work out to be less of a fortune-telling horoscope, and more of a perfect bit of inspirational advice for the week. This is one of those weeks.

There's a lot of funky energy swirling around for the upcoming week. Maybe it's because in my location, this week starts off with a full moon. Things are shifting and changing and if you're on course, and looking for this, you will notice. The time is here, now, presenting each of us an opportunity to better our personal role in humanity, which in turn strengthens our communities and our planet. Humanity is evolving. If you are on the forefront of this evolution, bless you. I've said this before, but it feels like we are the fish who grew legs and ran off when the pond dried up. It's not easy to grow legs where you had none before.

But, that species of fish went on to continue its existence in an entirely new world, in an entirely different way. If you're still focused on the negativity, the violence, and the economic woes, it's time to look the other way. I'm not suggesting it be ignored, but I AM suggesting you turn AWAY 'from the dark side' and into the light. Three's a lot going on over here and it's a lot more fun!

Many of us are being faced with some of our toughest times right now. Instead of grieving or being upset, we should rejoice. We are being tested for growth and advancement of humanity. Roll with it, become peace, become, yourself, whatever it is that you most desire. This creates a life of less resistance and more peace.

As for this week's horoscopes, yours will be most pertinent, but you might find knowledge or inspiration in them all. Personally, my life touches on each of these and guides me to share these points with you all. I wish you a wonderful and prosperous week. If you need any additional guidance or insight, please feel free to contact me.

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