Monday, September 22, 2008

Getting the crap beat out of you....?

There seems to be alot of domestic abuse and controlling beasts swirling about in my circles right now. What about yours? Is this a trend? If so, let me know and we'll talk about it more in depth.

Understand that these situations are happening to us for a reason. The planet is in a full-swing shift and we're being tested on our resolve. Are you resolving?

What do you mean, Bloomdrop?
Well, here's what I mean. If you're in an extra tough situation, find a way to count your blessings. You know that old adage, we don't get anything we can't handle? Well, that's the truth. If your significant other is beating the crap out of you, or your partner is controlling you to the point where it's eating you alive, now is the time to face yourself and make a switch. You're being tested because your place in this world is important. Especially if it's coming out of the blue. The universe is sending you a LOUD message. Your job is to answer by making new decisions and creating a new thought pattern. You all know you're special. You all know that you're not required to tolerate anything less than respect and love. I once heard that change isn't hard. It's the anticipation of change that makes it seem hard. Think about when you're facing a big change in life. Or you're trying to come about a big decision. Think about how much time you spend worrying, dwelling, thinking, planning, fretting! And then ultimately, it's one moment in time when you actually make that decision and move forward. Did you realize that once you finally made the decision that it was a smooth coast from there? But it seemed like a big pain in the @$$ because you spent so much time before the decision making yourself crazy.

Cut out the anticipation and the planning. Things will work the way they work, no matter how much time you spend 'thinking' about how they might work out. Make a decision and act on it quickly. Your time is now. Don't make excuses. It's NOT easier staying right where you are and putting up with behavior that doesn't make you happy. It's easier to make a decision and do it. Don't dwell, don't swing. Resolve yourself and change it. You are the only person who's going to make it better. I have faith in you, and I love each and every one of you.


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