Friday, September 26, 2008

Good Morning My Friends!

So, Happy Friday to you! It's the end of a week that's been really good to me. How about you? I've managed to wiggle my way out of a couple of potentially sticky situations, with a little focus and by implementing some of my newfound tools from Bloomdrop's Toolkit! What is Bloomdrop's Toolkit? (you might be wondering) Well, it's a visualized toolbox that contains all the handy tips, exercises, mind methods and affirmations that I've learned to get on the positive side of life. It's working and life is good... If you are interested in learning more about Bloomdrop's Toolkit, leave me a message. The more messages I get, the more inclined I'll be to add a section to the Zany Zodiacs Website called Bloomdrop's Toolkit!! Drop me a note.

In the meantime, we are almost complete with Shar's page and forum. You'll be able to login to the forum and we'll start chattering about whatever's on your mind. Shar will be available to answer your deepest and most concerning questions via live chat and email very soon. Until then...I thought I'd drop in and give you a taste of the upcoming Zany Zodiacs for next week....

Your Focus for Next Week:
Whirlybird (Aries): Visualizations
Ocean Waves (Taurus): Dreams
Organic Chemist (Gemini): Cleanup
Masquerade (Cancer): No Fear
Two-Way Mirror (Leo): Clarity of Vision
Cuckoo Clock (Virgo): Choice
Scarecrow (Libra): Fluidity
Double Dagger (Scorpio): Imagination
Party Hat (Sagittarius): Homework
Brass Gavel (Capricorn): Objectivity
Starburst (Aquarius): Opportunities
Autumn Leaf (Pisces): Shifting Balance

To find out details and more: visit theZany Zodiacs Website New Zany Zodiacs horoscopes will be available very, very soon!

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