Thursday, March 6, 2008

Zany Zodiacs In-World Vending Machines

Hi all! Pretty soon you'll be able to purchase your weekly Zany Zodiacs horoscopes all over the place! I'm currently working on setting up a vending system, probably from Hippo since they have such great products, or so I've heard. :-) I'll be purchasing this vending system for the functionality necessary to create the commission-based sales, as well as to accomodate the frequent updates of the product. I expect to have this complete in roundabout 2 weeks...hopefully sooner. At that point, you'll start to see Zany Zodiacs vending machines popping up all over the place.

Shoot me a comment and let me know if you have experience with any vending systems like Hippo. What do you use? What's the best? Why?

With that said, if you don't see a ZZ Vendor at your favorite hangout, talk to the owner and let them know that they can set one (or many) up anywhere they so desire. I'll be offering a commission for sales and the vending machine placement process is free! This is a very exciting time. If you haven't heard, Zany Zodiacs are a super fun new twist on weekly horoscopes. Come by Bloomdrop's Variety Shop to get yours for this week. You can teleport there directly by clicking THIS LINK

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