Friday, October 10, 2008

Contact with Spirits? Clairaudience?

My reason for this post is three-fold. I would like to catch interest of people who might already be in contact with spirits, people who have always wanted to be able to contact spirits, and people who might have already heard from spirits, but just don't know it yet. I had an experience the other night that was thrilling and freaky and odd, all at the same time.

I was lying in bed, preparing for sleep by reading a book, as always. The material I was reading was spiritual in nature, but only general. I was reading away and suddenly realized that a sound had just passed through my mind. I had originally disregared it, as I realized I have done my whole life, as something that just happens in the mind as it's falling asleep. I was quite awake, however, so this explanation didn't really apply. I have been ignoring signs of a psychic nature my whole life, as it turns out. I thought they were 'normal' and therefore must happen to anybody.

Does this ever happen to you? You're lying in bed and you're almost asleep and a sound jolts you awake, normally making you jump out of your skin. You know, for sure, that this sound came from inside your head, but you don't know what it was or what caused it? You might get out of bed to check the house for intruders anyway, knowing full well that the sound was not of an outside nature?! This happens to me frequently. Usually, it sounds like one of two things; either a fly buzzing by my head, or a box dropping to the floor. Recently, it actually happened to my husband and I simultaneously. I looked over and said, 'Did you hear that?' He was already picking his head up to look around, and replied that he had heard the sound. I did, at that point, get up to check the house, but we both knew it wasn't an 'outside' sound.

The other vivid memory I have of this was as a child. I remember hearing the sound of a train, over and over and over. It got so bad I put the pillow over my head to make it go away, but of course this only worsened the eerie sound, since it was inside my head. I didn't tell my parents or anyone because, though my mother wouldn't have disbelieved me, or thought I was crazy, I thought she wouldn't have known what it was or why it had happened, and I didn't want to risk the feeling of rejection.

This brings me back to my experience the other night. I heard the sound of a voice and, out of habit, immediately dismissed it. Since I've been studying with my friend Shar, it occurred to me that this might be something to pay attention to. When I rewound my thoughts about 3 seconds back, I realized this was in fact a voice; my first recollection of an actual voice. A voice, to me, is much more exciting and worth talking about than just a sound. It was a man's voice and though I cannot remember exactly what he said....good time for a journal beside the was something like 'I've already done it.' He was sort of shouting, and even though my hairs were standing on end, I attempted to get him to communicate again. He did not.

Upon revealing my situation to Shar, she tapped into her own powers and told me that she believed this person to be alive now, and that I may have been hearing someone who wasn't aware of his own power to communicate. Therefore, when I asked him to continue, he wasn't sure how to do so. She also mentioned that this experience will stay with him, and his life will begin to make positive changes because of it. WOW, I say! That's big stuff.

I haven't had the experience again, but I'll sure keep you up to date when I do. Please, feel free to share your own stories regarding clairaudience and/or contact with other spirits.

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