Monday, October 6, 2008

Shar is AMAZING!

The forums are up at I can't say enough about this beautiful soul. Shar is gifted beyond belief, and has so much knowledge, spirit, and connection. I've had questions galore for her lately, as I'm just learning my own spiritual gifts. Apparently, we all have psychic gifts, and I'm finding out that all the weird stuff that's been happening to me my whole life is really connected to something deeper and more knowing. I'm expanding my attention to my intuition, which we all have, and when focused on, your intuition can guide you to joy, happiness and more meaning for your everyday life. My gut feelings have always been strong, but nowadays we tend to just brush them aside as fleeting thoughts, much like the fleeting thoughts of busy traffic, and hatred of grocery shopping. But when you get that flicker of a reaction in your gut, you should take a moment to acknowledge it. It can provide answers to you that you didn't know were available without paying a therapist hundreds of dollars!!

I've been having vivid dreams lately, too, as has my husband. I've gone to Shar for clarification, and she's actually sharing her dreams with me as well. Some of the explanations are posted on the forum. We've got several categories to post to, including Law of Attraction experiences, Dream Interpretation, Psychic Gifts Exploration, etc. A portion of our forum is free, and we're having a grand opening special until the end of October, giving 50% off the subscription fee for the paid portion of the forums.

Please join us at the forums. This realm of reality is so magical, so much fun, and together we are changing the world!

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