Friday, October 24, 2008

How to Make a Decision Using Your Body and Kinesiology

Your body has an energy field, and this energy field acts and reacts towards all other fields of energy, thought and event. Kinesiology is the focus of how the body functions and moves. There are a few muscle tests, and body tests, that can be used to help you make a decision, based upon your own internal reactions in your energy field. Making a proper decision has never been easier! Read on...

One way to make a decision using your body is called the 'Sway Test.' Stand up and relax your shoulders and your knees. In order to get you used to this, so you can see the accurate results, is to start with a Yes or No question that you know the answer to. Say out loud, 'My Name is _______' (of course, inserting your own name.) You should feel your body sway slightly forward. Now when you say out loud, 'My Name is ________' and you say a name that is not your own, you should sway slightly backwards. Practice until you can notice the sway. It may take a few times. Once you're swaying appropriately, you can ask any number of yes or no questions, make statements, or even find out which products are healthiest for your body. Try it out next time you're at the store. Hold certain foods in your hand and see which way your body sways. This will give you excellent insight into which foods your body wants, and which foods to avoid.

Another way to make a decision using your body's natural reactive properties, is Finger Dowsing. Simply, make a circle with your index finger and thumb. Again, you may want to test this with the 'my name is' from above. Once you see the differences between true and false, again you can ask any series of yes or no questions, or make statements to see the results. If YES, your fingers will remain locked together. If NO, you'll notice your strength is reduced and your fingers will open slightly to all the way.

Another form of dowsing is used by rubbing your hand across any smooth surface, or rubbing your hands together. Choose one of these to test. Think YES in your mind and rub the surface, or your hands. You should notice a 'smooth' action. Think NO in your mind, and you should notice a more 'sticky' surface. You may have to do this a couple of times to notice the subtle change. Once you discover the difference between 'smooth' and 'sticky,' this is a surprisingly accurate means to an answer.

There are also many tools and other methods used for dowsing. A simple search on Google for keywords dowsing, kinesiology, and/or muscle testing should provide you with many informative results.

Dowsing and body work takes a bit of practice and patience. Some people may find consistency much more quickly than others. With proper use and an open mind, any of the above methods, in addition to other methods of dowsing and muscle testing, can become a very reliable method of living the healthiest life possible.

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