Friday, October 24, 2008

How to Communicate with a Psychic Pet

If you have ever had pets, you might wonder if your pets are psychic. We hear stories about how pets save their owners by dialing telephones, and dragging them from the raging flames of a fire. When people move or change residences, pets will sometimes turn up at their old homes, as far away as thousands of miles. Your pets can even sense when you're getting ready to leave for vacation. So, is your pet psychic?

It seems easy for some people to believe that pets are psychic. In fact, every living thing has a connection with the universal source, and with each other. Some people and pets are more in tune with this connection, therefore, for those, it's easier to see, hear, and feel with this sixth sense. The first thing to do to develop your psychic and spiritual connection with your pet is talk. Talk to your pet however makes you most comfortable. If you already do this; great! Pets love attention, and affection just as much as humans do. By speaking to your animals, you are showing them that you love and care for them, and this will make them more comfortable with you.

Once you are comfortable with the level of verbal communication, you might start to pay attention to your pet's behavior. Pets will act certain ways, and hold their bodies at certain postures, to communicate different thoughts and feelings. After a time of assessing these clues from your pet, you will start to notice a pattern, and be better equipped to make sense of it. For example: if your cat's tail is straight up, this usually means your cat is relaxed and happy. Another example is the position of your dogs ears. You already know that if your dogs' ears are perked, that they are using their heightened listening skills to hear something that you're maybe not able to hear. Watching a pet's body language can be very telling, and can get you closer to gaining the ability to communicate by psychic means.

It is possible to communicate telepathically with your pet. It is also possible to gain better understanding of your pet's particular way of communicating by sitting quietly and close with your pet. While you are both calm and relaxed, you might notice any number of sensations. These sensations could come in the form of colors, smells, or blocks of thought.

Keep in mind that your imagination can help you along. Even if you have a thought that seems silly, think about how 'out of the blue' it might be, and try to piece together how it might refer to a message from your pet. Once you practice a bit, you will understand how your particular pet likes to communicate, and you'll be better able to understand and care for the particular needs of each pet.

It is also possible that pets that pass on will attempt to communicate with you. If you've never experienced this, don't rule it out. Many people have reported seeing their pets as 'ghosts' long after they have passed. Depending upon the strength of your relationship with a particular pet, you may notice similar traits in a new pet. This could be a sign that your beloved pet has reincarnated to be with you once again. Don't rule this out either. It's a very real possibility.

In any case, all your pets look to you for support and love. If the best you can do is provide a warm, loving, healthy environment for your pets, they will be perfectly satisfied. Psychic communications are simply another way for you to connect with your pets.

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