Thursday, October 16, 2008

Paid Online Surveys - Legitimate or Scams? Final Answer addition to Zany Zodiacs Free Weekly Horoscopes, I've also taken it upon myself to try to cut through the black sea of scam survey sites to give people the skinny on how to actually earn extra income taking scam free, legitimate paid online surveys. If you hate surveys, just ignore me today, cause I'm on a rant. We'll get back to the psychic and astrological stuff shortly!

This undertaking reminds me of my high school study hall class. I got caught whispering during study hall and I questioned authority. The answer I received is that the teachers used to allow talking in study hall until it got out of hand. Apparently, as you can imagine, kids got loud, rambunctious, crazy, wild, and uncontrollable until the rule was made... no talking during study hall. I remember thinking immediately, wow...a few pests ruined it for the rest of us; forever! This paid survey thing is the same way. There are so many people out there claiming to be legitimate just because they make a few bucks, or even cents, if you sign your email box away to 50 million spammers trying to sell you every piece of crap under the sun. So much so, that no one will listen to me. So I've got Google Ads on my website, which help me to fund the free directory, but each and every Online Survey Company listed in my main directory is a legitimate marketing research company, free to join, offering cash, prizes and sweepstakes entries, just for giving your opinion. I take these surveys and I just received a check in the mail today for 20 bucks! For like 30 minutes of my time. That's $40 per hour. Do you make $40 per hour? If you do, I'm sooooo jealous! :P

The point is this: you can't make $40 straight for a week. This isn't going to pay your mortgage. But you can use this as extra money to buy that pair of Nike's you've had your eye on, go out to eat in the middle of a nationwide financial crisis, or simply put it toward the electric bill. There ARE legitimate survey companies out there and they are listed at Even more importantly, each survey company is broken down to it's own page where you can view, and rate, individual experiences with each paid online survey company. You don't have to take my word for it!

So, here's a little video to whet your whistle. The other great thing about this video is that it's stored at, which I just discovered today. apparently offers a place for your to upload your own videos and get paid to distribute them. Additionally, they will pay you a little something if you help distribute other people's video creations. It's worth checking out. There are some funny videos there.

Ok so here's my Paid Online Survey Video. Please give it a watch and then check out the legitimate survey money making opportunities at

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