Friday, November 21, 2008

Blogger Talk Online

If you've been following this blog, you'll probably have already guessed just how much I like to find money opportunities. I like even more to share them with my readers, because I know just how excited I get when I find something legitimate. I discovered a blog today full of money opportunities, but some are legitimate, some are not. Firstly, I wasn't excited about the pop-up I received immediately upon clicking in. And being that I have my website with a directory of legitimate paid survey sites, I immediately recognized some things that I wouldn't get involved in. However, at Blogger Talk Online | Make Money Online | Work At Home I did see a few things I plan to look into. There are some legitimate opportunities on this blog, however, be very careful if you plan to check it out. Never, ever pay for the opportunity to take a survey, or sign up to make money. That kind of thing is just not real.

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Blogger Talk Online | Make Money Online | Work At Home said...

which pop-up are you referring to? there isn't any pop-up on the site. also, please specify which sites you think are not legit so that they can be updated.