Sunday, November 30, 2008

Zany Zodiacs Horoscopes for this week 11/30/08 - 12/06/08
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Zany Zodiacs for Sunday, November 30th to Saturday, December 6th, 2008

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Aries (Mar 21- Apr 19)

Have you been experiencing any pain lately? Think carefully. We tend to get used to many of our aches and ... Read more...

Ocean Waves
Taurus (Apr20- May 20)

You’re starting to see glimpses of an even larger awareness than what you’ve been used to. You’re beginning to take ... Read more...

Organic Chemist
Gemini (May21 - Jun20)

You’ll encounter a friend who needs your advice this week. Be gentle, but be honest. We love talking to the ... Read more...

Cancer (Jun21 - Jul22)

Holidays bring about all sorts of emotions. We all tend to pull out our most effective masks around family, and ... Read more...

Two-Way Mirror
Leo (Jul23 - Aug22)

Sometimes we are faced with challenges that have no explanation. ‘Why me?’ we ask. If you feel like you’re being ... Read more...

Cuckoo Clock
Virgo (Aug23 - Sep22)

Oh hey! The clock has struck twelve and you, my friend, get a break. If you have a hard time believing that with ... Read more...

Libra (Sep23 - Oct22)

All the birds of a feather are flocking together again, and they are doing it on your property. You must figure out ... Read more...

Double Dagger, Scorpio (Oct23 - Nov21)
If you look, listen, and pay careful attention, you’ll notice that certain people, places and things resonate from inside ... Read more...

Party Hat, Sagittarius (Nov22 - Dec21)
This season is good for you. Even more opportunities for you to celebrate the beauty of life are showing up right ... Read more...

Brass Gavel, Capricorn (Dec22 - Jan19)
This week will hold a special message for you. This message will come from a child. Whether it's your own ... Read more...

Starburst, Aquarius (Jan20 - Feb18)
Give yourself a little test this week. Try on the opposites game. Pinpoint a situation that’s not going as planned for ... Read more...

Autumn Leaf, Pisces (Feb19 - Mar20)
Is there something hanging back in your mind that’s just not right? Always try to focus on the positive, and give yourself ... Read more...

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