Friday, November 14, 2008

Music anyone?

Check out for music at's musicSHOP features some hot music CDs from George Strait, Elliott Yamin, Seal, and Josh Groban, just to name a few.

There are a few things that I like about's musicSHOP. First, I like the idea that they list all the places to buy each CD, in order, by price. That way, I can choose the best price, or most appropriate shipping method for my lifestyle. Of the listings I saw, many of the best offered free shipping, so one should keep that in mind when shopping around for great CD prices.

The other thing I like is musicSHOP's free music player. Not only can you hear great songs IN FULL, but each page of the player widget gives great information on the artist, including any merchandise giveaways, or contests currently being run (see George Strait's Classic Christmas for a link to win a guitar signed by George Strait.) Also shown are direct links to each artist's official website, any videos that might be online, and each artist's MySpace link.'s musicSHOP seems like a neat place to find, and listen to music. Check it out, and I'll bet their selections change alot, so with that fact, plus all the other departments that offers, I'm thinking the smart shopper in me will bookmark this one.

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