Thursday, December 25, 2008


As a writer, one of the most enjoyable (or least enjoyable; depending on my mood) things about working with the English language is homonyms. Homonyms, among other things, are words that have the same spelling but completely separate meanings. Example: duck. At the pond, you may have to duck if you startle a duck.

So imagine my surprise when I see a blog entitled All About Cricket. I'm excited because I've always been fond of the sound that crickets make, which is apparently called a 'chirp'. So imagine my surprise when I discover that All About Cricket is actually about another kind of that I've heard, but never given much thought!

This blog is dedicated to all cricket fans over the world, and this doesn't mean the chirpy kind. Updated with live Cricket scores, rundowns of several test matches, and cricket fan information. If you love cricket, or you're looking for a place to figure out who's where and what is when...I think you might have a good time at All About Cricket.

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