Friday, December 26, 2008

Racism & Barack Obama

Ok so I'm not even going to get into this. This issue of racism just gets me WAY too fired up, and as you might be able to judge by other posts on this blog, I do my best to stay away from those types of emotions...they are way too low on the vibrational scale for my liking. My significant other suggests that I can't just ignore it and it will go away, with my hippie flowers and my joy, just running around through life like these kinds of things don't exist, but I say phooey. I say phooey on the whole thing. We're about to have a great president. WE ELECTED HIM! We can't find anything better to bitch about besides the fact that the poor man lights up a cigarette once in a while, and the fact that his race doesn't quite match any one race in particular. I say GREAT NEWS! It's high time we got over ourselves anyway just friggin accepted the fact that some people are different. At least Barack Obama isn't green and blue polka dotted...what the bleep would we do then? Face your fears, people!

Ok so with that said, I did discover a blog entry today and I liked what I read. Despite the fact that the issue of racism continues because WE KEEP TALKING AND WRITING ABOUT IT, I still am glad to know that some people, black or white, are just ready to get over it. Local News and Newspapers is the blog I stumbled across. If you're interested, go check it out. He's got a viewpoint much like my own.

And for God's sake...the man is about to pick up all the pieces left behind by George W. Bush. If he wants to have a smoke once in a while, GET OVER IT!

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