Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Renewal Zones

This passage comes from the latest book I am reading called 'Riding the Dragon: 10 lessons for inner strength in challenging times' by Robert J. Wicks.

"If there are places and people with whom we can laugh, relax, dream, and plot the future, then discouragement need not take root or flourish. People who can encourage, challenge, and be fun-loving companions can go a long way in preventing or stemming burnout. Whereas, if all the places in our life - work, home, and recreation - and the people who inhabit them are filled with worry, anxiety, anger, or angst, the interpersonal space we occupy will always be gray. When this is so, compassion fatigue and a sense that life has lost its joy will become evident."

Find people who make you happy. People who encourage and uplift you are necessary for anyone who is searching for a personal silver lining. The silver lining is there for anyone who wants it. It's a much easier journey to discovery when you surround yourself with laughter and love!

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jsprik said...

hey i tried doing an exchange for smorty for you, but it's messed up so, i DID do it, but it won't show up on smorty...feel free to do the same for me, if you want.